Document Classification. OCR. Data Extraction
Face IDentification* can extract data from documents by a powerful OCR that detects the document type (classification) and parses the text and visual information. We cover more than 10K document templates for 200+ countries, like passports, ID cards, driver licenses, etc.

The technology uses AI and ML to check which documents visitors use, and the authenticity of a document comparing its formatting, layout, and security elements to verified templates database.
Document Data Extraction features
Know why clients trust our passport reading software
Spot forged or invalid documents
Document classification or Type Identification helps you to reject documents that are not allowed by your identification process and save time for your operators.
Fast and World-level accurate data extraction
We are persistently improving our OCR and data extraction technologies, using state of art approach and delivering the recognition result on the top level.
Wide range of documents supported
Our document database is continuously growing, we support ID cards, passports, driver licenses, citizenship cards, marine licenses, crew member cards, police cards, and many others
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the technology that converts image data to text. This is not the only technology used in Passport & ID readers and scanners with OCR and authentication software.

To accurate passport data extraction first step is image processing – image cropping, document photo cutout, rotation, removal of reflections, perspective correction, light correction. Typically document readers use Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) detection, and 1D or 2D barcode recognition.

Advanced OCR platforms use various pre-processing techniques to minimize errors and improve character recognition. Our OCR support Latin characters with diacritical marks (like ă, ä, ā, etc), and non-Latin alphabets, totally more than 90 languages
Face IDentification*
in numbers
Fast and accurate face comparison. Reduce maintenance costs for call center operators. Skip fraud. Allow clients to apply identification remotely
recognitions monthly
higher agent productivity
users pass from the 1 attempt
average response time
< 1 sec
Trusted by:
4 banks
10 financial companies
1 international retail
Easy integration with your applications
Use Face IDentification* Web and Mobile APIs and SDKs to integrate your services.
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*FaceIdentification is the commercial name of the product. Software product name according to contracts Evergreen Face Compare