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Optimize your online recognition process
Optimize your online recognition process. Liveness Detection, Face Comparing, Age Matching, ID documents matching and OCR, Live Video KYC
Check out Face IDentification* modules
The module system allows you to build your custom verification scenario using modules like Liveness Detection, Face Comparing, Age Matching, ID documents matching, and OCR

Check if a live person sits in front of a camera. With protection against fraud
Liveness Detection with anti-spoofing protection
Document classification & data extraction
Extract data from a document and check a document type
Find similar-looking faces and use them for biometric authentication, known-fraud prevention, face similarity check
Private face database API
Selfie with a document comparison
Compare photo in an ID document with client's selfie
Age & Gender Detection
Compare photo in an ID document with client's selfie
Custom Modules
Extract data from a document and check a document type
LiveVideo KYC verification service
Video KYC or live video identification is an online method of face-to-face identity verification. During the video call, the customer is required to submit to an operator the identity documents for proof.


verification features

Convenient and easy to use, fraud-proof identity validation
by a video call from anywhere. Learn more

Financial phone check with OTP

OTP (one time password) generation used to verify user's phone with SMS code

ID documents checklist

Define wat types of ID documents customer shoud show during the identification process

Realtime Face Compare

Compare client's face with an ID document in real time using AI algorythms

Video Recording and screenshotting

An Operator can take and save a screenshot of their customer holding a document and record the video of the verification process

User Geo Location Check

Check user geolocation as a part of identification process

Customized scripts for operators

Build custom scripts for operators, so the operator knows what he or she should ask on each step

Why choose Face IDentification*?
Automatic and manual customer verification and identification. Reduce maintenance costs for call center operators. Skip fraud. Allow clients to apply identification remotely
Trusted by:
recognitions monthly
higher agent productivity
users pass from the 1 attempt
to detect liveness & age
3 sec
1 international retail
10 financial companies
4 banks
Easy integration with your applications
Use Face IDentification* Web and Mobile APIs and SDKs to integrate your services.

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Optimize your online verification process, do effective customer verification and identification and reduce maintenance costs for contact center operators. Start today
Operator panel
All data at hand, user-friendly interface for controlling automatic algorithms and manual verification
Suitable for everyday
operator work
Available from mobile
Usable dashboards cards and lists, all necessary data on few screens
Nice and clear
Available from mobile
Access all data from your smartphone or tablet
How Face ID* works
Simple and user-centric verification interface. Make selfie, upload ID documents, perform liveness detection and video calls
Clear and usable end-client interface
Go through verification scenario, each module perform its check and return verification result
FaceIDentification* modules check
Check verification statistics, control automatically made decisions, do manual verification
Operator panel and dashboad
How Face ID* works
Reliable and secure
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*FaceIdentification is the commercial name of the product. Software product name according to contracts Evergreen Face Compare