Recognize custom objects during the identification
Detect PPE (personal protective elements), emotions, accessories (glasses, hats, tattoos, etc), custom labels or attributes, or any other custom object during the identification process with Face IDentification custom modules.

Our team will create and train an AI detection model especially for your product and embed it as a part of verification flow
Possible custom modules use cases
What can be done with Face IDentification* custom detection
PPE or Uniform detection
Detect if a person uses a facial mask, PPE, branded hat, badge, or other uniform elements.
Background analysis
Check if a selfie is made on-site, analyzing background images to detect brand wall, landmark, logo, etc.
Style detections
Analyze and segment visitors depend on their hair style, accessories, tattoos, etc.
Face IDentification* custom modules can use Object detection both based on photos and videos. Object detection is a Machine Learning task. In the past, it was a time-consuming and challenging task but now we can create reliable models quickly and with ease.

We can build custom scenarios for marketing, entertainment, analytics, anti-fraud and other fields of interest.
Face IDentification*
in numbers
Fast and accurate face comparison. Reduce maintenance costs for call center operators. Skip fraud. Allow clients to apply identification remotely
recognitions monthly
higher agent productivity
users pass from the 1 attempt
average response time
< 1 sec
Trusted by:
4 banks
10 financial companies
1 international retail
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*FaceIdentification is the commercial name of the product. Software product name according to contracts Evergreen Face Compare