Age verification.
Age estimation. Gender prediction
Age verification gains propulsion due to legal restrictions and new digital laws all over the world. Check within seconds if your customer meets the age criteria with Face IDentification* Age Verification.

Or use our Age Estimation and Gender prediction in your custom facial analysis scenarios without asking the user for his/her ID document
Age and Gender check and analysis
Face IDentification* allows you to detect visitors' age and gender, by analyzing their photos with or without ID documents
Age Verification as a part of identity verification suite
Face IDentification* is an identity verification solution, that can check visitors' liveness, ID document, and age. Easy to use widgets that can be integrated into your website or app. 2000+ ID documents supported.
Detect Age By Photo
Obtain an age estimation with Face IDentification* Age Estimation. Use this module to analyze your visitors or prevent under-aged audiences buy your goods without asking for their ID. Understand how old is a person in the photo.
Gender detection
Face IDentification* Gender Prediction is able to detect whether it is a photo of a man or a woman.
Apply effective and robust age verification and analysis when you need to. Easily read the date of birth from more than 2K identity documents, like passports, identity cards, driving licenses, etc. Compare the face of the user to the ID document.

Give your customers an easy and fast method to verify their age anonymously without their identity document. Effortlessly detect fraud and minimize legal risks

Seamlessly use our modules for visitor analysis as a part of your custom client identification process.
Face IDentification
in numbers*
Verify and Analyze Age And Gender. Reduce maintenance costs for call center operators. Skip fraud. Allow clients to apply identification remotely
Trusted by:
recognitions monthly
higher agent productivity
users pass from the 1 attempt
to detect liveness & age
3 sec
1 international retail
10 financial companies
4 banks
Easy integration with your applications
Use Face IDentification* Web and Mobile APIs and SDKs to integrate your services.

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*FaceIdentification is the commercial name of the product. Software product name according to contracts Evergreen Face Compare