Store and Search with Face Database API
Save facial data and use it for analysis, as a part of an anti-fraud, client or user recognition, or for biometric authentication.

Organize your face database with collections. Add new faces to collections, find similar-looking faces through collections, get a collection of similar faces, with a similarity score.
Face Database API Features
Face IDentification* DBAPI module is fast and reliable solution to store and search facial data for your apps
Secure facial database that don't store photos
Your own anonymized database of encoded mathematical "portraits" (encoded sets of coordinates of key points) of clients/visitors from their photos without storing actual photos
Scalable and fast Face store and search APIs
Face IDentification* DBAPI can process collections with thousands of faces, easily integrated with external systems by powerful callback functions
Face-based user verification and touchless access control
Face Identification* DBAPI enables your applications to confirm user identities by comparing their live image with an image stored in your database
Face Identification* service provides AI algorithms that detect and store facial data from images.

Embed facial storage and recognition into your apps for a seamless and highly secured user experience. No additional machine-learning knowledge is required. Easy to use and secure solution, available on any platform, SaaS, or on your own cloud or server.
Face Database API
in numbers
Store and encrypt facial data. Reduce maintenance costs for call center operators. Skip fraud. Allow clients to apply identification remotely
recognitions monthly
of data protection
3 levels
users pass from the 1 attempt
average response time
< 1 sec
Trusted by:
4 banks
10 financial companies
1 international retail
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*FaceIdentification is the commercial name of the product. Software product name according to contracts Evergreen Face Compare